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When you need to understand, to find answers, or to connect you with an esoteric mystical group, book a private consultation with Gayle.


MA- University of Georgia

BS - Clemson University


10 years as instructor at the Omega Institute of Holistic Studies



Seeking Higher Power

Seeking Higher Power




Seeking Higher Power


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Seeking Higher Power

Global State of Mind


Embrace life - commune with the divine, know your purpose and, realize the mysteries of your soul.

Transformative Meditation

Transformative Meditation




Seek this wisdom by doing service...Bhagavad-Gita 4:34

All things esoteric...

Logos of Amarjah Wisdom School
The greatest act of the magician is to see order in chaos.


We change our home page frequently to reflect a new perspective of the unfolding of truth in our understanding. When you click on the index button, there is a listing of topics that provice a holographic construct of the hidden mysteries of the world.No truth may be told directly but requires an assemblage of many perspectives to apprehend the whole.

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A wisdom school is a university of the soul. Within our holographic reality, the mysteries of the inner nature of humanity, nature, and the cosmos is realized. When duality is held within unity, the head and the heart are perfectly aligned. The intimate relationship with divinity is one of bliss.


The universe is change, life is understanding.- Marcus Aurelius

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There are many approaches to the truth - knowledge, worship, body awareness and meditation. Indeed, the foundation of our series is holographic wisdom, group meditation, gnosis, and communion.

Transformative Meditation

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When one sits with a conscious group or with a guru, there is little effort to reach the highest realms of clarity and consciousness. The presence of higher awareness enfolds you into unconditional love and at least momentarily one is able to transcend the limitations of ego. Indeed, that is the advantage of working with a master and a conscious group.


Ancient mystery schools pointed the way for the emergence of the wisdom school. Drawing upon the world's religions and philosophies, there is a marriage of the divine masculine and the divine feminine. Wholeness may not exist without knowledge and wisdom in harmony.


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"Only two half people know my intent."~ RonMangravite

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Truth withstands all questions.

We are one.

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