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The Scientist

There are days that bankrupt me. Old issues flaring up, entertaining futures, and writing. I'm at the eye of the storm on many fronts and despite my friends' efforts to emotionally engage me - I know me. I am.

Day before yesterday morning I awakened to a song playing loudly in my mind. I dismissed it as the radio came on playing its bluegrass tunes. The day got worse and I considered canceling dinner plans I had made. However, it was a birthday celebration and made my self go.

The ticking began. There is a loud ticking sound that used to be my spiritual teacher's signature - he had a mechanical heart valve that ticked loudly when he was working on higher realms. I heard that dang song again and wondered who did it and what the title was.

Couldn't sleep - avoidance, too much diet Coke, unresolved issues? While it is true this too will pass... it was 1 am. Had the laptop and remembered Pandora - a lovely personalized internet radio station. It learns your tastes and expands your favorites repartoire. First song up --- the song that had been playing in my head all day.

The clicking got louder and I realized I needed to pay attention.

"You're never alone," a quiet voice informed me.

"I'm too tired for your games," I protested, "tell me what you need to say in the next song." A warm blanket of energy was thrown over me and I felt content and cuddled. Then the song Yellow came on...sigh.

I remembered...I remembered through time, through lifelines, I felt the moment between lives, between lovers, between friends.

The energy filled me - I had run until empty. I smiled, knowing that the truth IS out there after all. My personal doubts are just that ... personal. When I let go - I know.

There was an exchange - and information passed between. A brief moment to catch my breath, get my feet back on the ground, and prepare what must be done. It is all a blink of an eye.

As I decided to get up to write these down, I asked for one last song to help me understand.




Amarjah WisdomSchool

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Many circle the mountain examining the various paths without ever making the climb. We offer seminars, consultations, and support networks in the spiritual quest for awakening. We are not affiliated with organized religions as the truth is the same when viewed from the mountain summit regardless of the path to reach it.Theevolution of consciousness has brought us here - to remind of us of who we are and our purpose here. We are seekers who embrace skepticism, acceptance and the strength in unity. We are greater than the sum of the parts in a greater spiritual work.


Namasté = the light of the divine within me honors the light of the divine within you.