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MA- University of Georgia

BS - Clemson University

10 years as instructor at the Omega Institute of Holistic Studies


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Seeking Higher Power

Global State of Mind

The Spiritual Realm Beckons.

GlFour Planets Align in May 2011

The Four Horsemen

Venus and Jupiter will be easy to spot hanging low in the east as dawn brightens on May 10. They are the brightest objects in the night sky after the Moon. Venus, the brighter of the two, will be to the right of Jupiter.

Mercury will be visible to the lower right of Venus, about the same distance from Venus to Jupiter. It won't be as bright but its proximity to Venus will help you find it. To the lower left of Jupiter you'll find Mars, which may be too low and faint to see without the aid of binoculars.

A Dynamic Partnership

We take many cues from the sky - planting cycles, moontimes, equinox and solstices and markers of change. There are many visual, electro-mechanical subtle changes. The goal of the pharoahs of old were to become a star.

My teacher converted my work into the star Pathfinder many years ago. The group had been lead into an advanced realm of consciousness. It was a beginner teacher's mistake. Only this time, the entire group were suffering - low energy, low awareness, and existential angst. I remember that ritual very well.

When I called Ron to ask for his advice, he answered horrified, "I can't get there today."

That was when I first realized that gravity of our ritual. Ron arrived a week later to change the dynamics of the group's individuals. He advised me that he might need my blood.


Ron was not one to use bells, chants, etc in rituals in any that he had done with my wave. However, here in the halls of the Pathfinder Bookstore, he created a hypnotic state. I watched as most of the group went to sleep. Only Ron and I seemed to be conscious and aware.

I knew I was being held accountable. Then Ron unsheathed his ritual sword and approached me. Standing uncomfortably close to me, he met my unblinking gaze. He took the very sharp tip of his sword and pressed it against my chest. I dared not breathe. Then there were unspoken questions.

"Are you ready to die for them?" he asked telepathically.

"Yes." There was only clarity. I knew Ron had no difficulty in killing me. He had done so in many previous lives. A flash forward wondered how he was going to explain my death to the authorities and my group.


I waited for the knife to plunge into me. No breathing, no time, no expectations or desires. With a swish, he moved the knife through the air and back into its sheath. My awareness sent chills all through my body. Goose pimples covered every limb. There wasn't relief or anxiety - just a timeless moment that I was immortal. My body did not define my existence.

There was a ringing of the bells and the it was as if a light switch had restored my students to where they were a week before - preritual. They had not been ready to lose their egos.

The Shining Star Pathfinder

Ron pronounced to them, "Welcome the new star Pathfinder."


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