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Seeking Higher Power


Seeking Higher Power


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Seeking Higher Power

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Transformative Meditation

Transformative Meditation


Mother Nature

Dark clouds loom on the horizon outside my office window this morning. The winds are gusting to 25mph. The local festival is canceled. No doubt the weather patterns have been shifted. We did that - back in Atlantis.

Atlantis & Haarp

My friend Michelle and I were at the Guidestones in Georgia many years back when drought was causing many farmers to lose their business. Deep in meditation, we decided to shift the current pattern to bring water to the southern part of the state.

Days later, southern Georgia was under water - literally with river flooding from excessive rains. It's not nice to fool Mother Nature.

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Weather control was one of the technologies that were proposed through Montauk, Reich, and Brookhaven Laboratores. Technology that may have come from elsewhere. No doubt there is manipulation of weather today. For what purpose? Perhaps it is the greatest weapon developed to date. One only has to look at the devastation of Japan to see how weather/teutonic plate movement, and wave formation can destroy an area.

Conspiracy theory or not there are signs such as chemtrails, Haarp broadcasts of resonant frequencies (remember that singer hitting a high note and shattering a glass?), and rippled clouds bouncing bluish light beams around the world that indicate more is going on than we may want to believe.

Meditate. Feel. Reach. Love.

Is this all in the best interest of humanity? Is the weapon blackmail for world leaders to fall into line? Who makes these decisions if they are indeed under our control?

This is the windiest spring I remember. The rains soak my little vegetable garden which has sprouted in abundance. Yet, if rains wash the radiation from Japan into the soil, we are poisoned anyway. Humanities effect on this planet has not been in harmony with the rest of life.

It is time - to remember the lessons of Atlantis. It is time to release the story.

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