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Creation of Reality

Creating Reality - sun in the rain

Becoming a positive person doesn't mean ignoring the nature of reality. For me, being positive means dealing with reality as it is. Change the things I can - accept the things I can't.

My reality is very rich. An artist friend of mine identifies herself as being a highly sensitive person. We share that our perception of the world seemingly goes far beyond normal. We see, feel, hear, and embrace a world few others care to admit sharing.

Whether we are trained out of our higher perception or we inherited the ability, no one can say for sure. However, I know meditation has enhanced others abiity to increase their range of perception.

Reality Check Road Sign

I'm not sure where I picked up the belief that my perception of reality should be static and unchanging. However, I am continuing to find that everything evolves. Whether it is my perception, my network of friends, my knowledge, or my concept of a higher power...it all evolves. Do we have the capability to truly understand what reality is? Or do we have ability to understand a god that many of us believe were created in his/her image.

mind/body connection

A collective group mind allows a person to experience life from many vantage points. An archetype or universal pattern expresses in many forms. Archetypes in some mystery work bring a higher perception of god/goddess. When an archetype clears a pattern, all those expressing that archetype also begin to clear the pattern. There is a blueprint for change or to manifest a healthier way of being.

This latest archetypal healing involves what I call the "Unseen One" - some call it Nepthys, the veiled Isis. The expression comes forth from the abused, ignored, and unheard people. The healing is Empowerment. The people in Egypt spoke up. The abused woman filed charges. The helpless child leaves and finds help. The queen fights back to save her people. The world shifts when an archetype heals.

May we find a world that embraces a marriage of wisdom and power.


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Amarjah WisdomSchool

Every journey begins with a single step. Contact us today at amarjah@gmail.com.

Many circle the mountain examining the various paths without ever making the climb. We offer seminars, consultations, and support networks in the spiritual quest for awakening. We are not affiliated with organized religions as the truth is the same when viewed from the mountain summit regardless of the path to reach it.Theevolution of consciousness has brought us here - to remind of us of who we are and our purpose here. We are seekers who embrace skepticism, acceptance and the strength in unity. We are greater than the sum of the parts in a greater spiritual work.


Namasté = the light of the divine within me honors the light of the divine within you.