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MA- University of Georgia

BS - Clemson University

10 years as instructor at the Omega Institute of Holistic Studies


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Seeking Higher Power

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The Lie

A Theft of Truth

Triangle - Dynamic Balance of All there Is
The Truth is in there.

Few things are as they are seem. Lying has become a part of our culture-perhaps because most of the time no one cares to find out the truth. However, with cell phone cameras, tweets, and Facebook posts, there is little we can't know if we want to discover the truth. So why lie?

Lying stems from arrogance. First the liar believes he/she is smart enough to get away with it. Second, it is an act of manipulation.Third, the lie may be the act of a coward. Fourth, an arrogance that knowing what is best exists. No matter what the justification, there is no excuse for lying.

A lie
If ONLY it was this Easy.

Wiki-leaks released documents showing the behind the scenes remarks. National Security Risk is accused, but there are seemingly few "secrets" in there that jeopardize the world. The government moved swiftly to shut down the internet access. Freedom of the press seems only to apply when it is to one's advantage.

A lie is a theif of truth.

Triangle Dynamic
Dynamic Balance

I can handle the truth; it is the lies that destroy it. When you lie to me (which is pretty hard to do with a psychic, but happens when we want to believe the best of you) you lie about your true position. If we are in a relationship, I adjust my position accordingly, but since the truth wasn't told, I am out of balance. There is an uneasiness and if we are on a teeter-totter, there may be an abrupt crash to the ground.

Lying is theft. You have wasted my time, energy and compassion.

Lying creates inequality. There are not two classes of humans: those with the right to lie, and everyone else.

Lying treats people as means to your end.

Fortunately, the truth always emerges and in the end, sets one free.


All Things Esoteric

After many years of teaching meditation, world religions, advanced apprentices with masters, and an exploration of many hidden or esoteric mysteries, the Amarjah Wisdom School offers over 300 short articles to stimulate contemplation or to point the finger in a new direction. We host retreats and seminars throughout the year. Click here for the index.

Myth, Story & Metaphor

When we enter into the unknown, our skills, trust, and abilities are tested. At times we find the journeys of others to be of value, or an archetypal myth provides meaning, or a trusted guide.

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