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And the rhythm continues...

ground·swell n. (courtesy the online dictionary)

1. A sudden gathering of force, as of public opinion: a groundswell of antiwar sentiment.
2. A broad deep undulation of the ocean, often caused by a distant storm or an earthquake.

There is a groundswell. One doesn't have to be a mystic to feel the patterns rise and fall. Ebb tide - an old favorite song, familiar perhaps of my mother's playing music during my frequent childhood sick days. Civilizations rise and fall. People come and go. Only when we hold the entire cycle within our awareness do we feel the inevitable detachment of singular events.

The world of duality, the physical world if you need to think of it that way, arises in relationship. The purpose of this planet is defined by relationship and duality. The path of the human being is to transcend duality in whatever form it manifests.

The wave of oneness rolls onto the shore. That molecule of water had no idea that it was a part of something so much bigger than itself. Yet for a moment it is thrust upward to the crest to dance in the sunlight, air, and freedom before it resumes its place in the dark pool of water.

My theory is that I must be at the ocean once a year to wiggle my toes in the sand as breakers move over it, to chase sand crabs back into their pits, and to gather the shells that are displayed at the water line.

Memories of the beach with my maternal grandparents-sand castles, diving for starfish, shell hunting and wave riding. Lounging in the water with a tractor inner tube, watching a chihuahua crying for its owner as she moves into the water, feeding the alligators near what was to become the resort, and cooking sand-peppered hot dogs on the little beach grill. Days of innocence versus days of awareness. Relationship - it's all about relationship.

Time is so limited - the waves so infinite.

"There is a way to align all the worlds."

A Dynamic Partnership


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