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Seeking Higher Power


Seeking Higher Power


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Seeking Higher Power

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Transformative Meditation


Earthquakes & Chemtrails

Interesting Observations.

Earthquake 2.3
Earthquake in Mayberry


An earthquake in Mayberry yesterday - a 2.3 which explains a lot why the cat was acting crazier than normal moments before. We are on a fault line but seldom do we have them. This is the second one in recent years.

Chem Trails - 13 Trails

Ok, so the Pacific Rim is awake and blowing fire and rain, but this part of the country is far from its effects. Then two memories surfaced - a young woman had posted about HAARP the other day on Facebook.

And then I remember that I had taken some strange photos the other evening.

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I still step outside for a smoke break even though I quit smoking years ago.

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There were planes flying low in the sky. Odd, we are not in a flight pattern for any airport. Then I noticed there were trails of condensation or SOMETHING behind each plane. They wove an elaborate grid.

Thirteen planes in the sky at the same time. The photos are darkened in hopes of showing something, but they do not do justice to the actual sight. Planes leaving something in their wake.

Tonight listening to the Grateful Dead hour on NPR station, I thought about it. I have questions - chemtrails, HAARP, secret bases, and earthquakes. Sigh...sometimes denial is a good thing.

Truth withstands all questions.

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