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MA- University of Georgia

BS - Clemson University


10 years as instructor at the Omega Institute of Holistic Studies



Seeking Higher Power

Seeking Higher Power


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Seeking Higher Power

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Embrace life - commune with the divine, know your purpose and, realize the mysteries of your soul.

Transformative Meditation

Transformative Meditation


Hold the Anchovies

Play the Haarp.

What now?
Swimming school of anchovy
Schools of Fish

Enough anchovies to top much of the world’s pizza and Caesar salads have floated lifelessly to the surface in Redondo Beach, California's King Harbor, according to a local newspaper.

Officials say millions of the pungent, oily fish are covering the sea bottom in the harbor. They began rising to the surface Tuesday morning, the Daily Breeze in Torrance, outside Los Angeles, reported.

“We need to get rid of them,” Sgt. Phil Keenan of the Redondo Beach Police Department told the paper. “This is going to create a terrible pollution and public health issue if we don't.”

Fire, police and public works officials have yet to cite a definite cause, but Keenan said the fish appear to have died from lack of oxygen.

There were no red tides (oxygen-depleting algae blooms) or other obvious phenomena that could have caused the mass deaths, the paper reported.

“Yesterday, everything looked absolutely normal,” Walter Waite, who lives at the harbor, told the newspaper. “This morning when I got up, there were millions and millions of them floating everywhere.”

The temperature in Southern California is expected to climb into the 70s Tuesday, exacerbating the urgency of removing the scads of 6-inch fish scattered throughout the harbor.

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The idea that our government may not have our best interest at heart - that is those of us not rich enough, intelligent enough, or elite enough - began some time ago.

Perhaps it was being shown the incomplete communication plans for an underground US facility. Perhaps it was at the meeting of the Joint Chiefs of Staff where I learned of the "Shadow Government." Things not well known way back when, but can be found all over the internet now and in our films and novels.

"There are too many of you. Heal yourselfs."

Before that, there was missing time on a family trip - a time that still haunts me. Flashes of light that cause my body to freeze.

There is much we still do not know.

The truth is out there - a la X Files. With all the cell phones, digital cameras, and communication devices, there are no secrets.

Truth withstands all questions.


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