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MA- University of Georgia

BS - Clemson University

10 years as instructor at the Omega Institute of Holistic Studies


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Seeking Higher Power

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The Triumph over Death

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"Turned the stone and looked beneath...Peace on Earth was all it said." One Tin Soldier.


The texts on the back shelves of the University of Georgia once jumped off the shelfs at me. In one, someone wrote "The birth of religion occured to overcome the fear of the death."

Queen of the Underworld

The ancient mysteries have always taught the mysteries of death and the realization that awareness (or soul or concsiousness) does not end with the demise of the physical body.

The mysteries of the seeds of life (inherit within the onion ends I am rooting on my window sill) are always contained within the whole. All of life is holographic.

The women's mysteries of Ancient Pompeii as taught in the Villa of the Mysteries reveal the sacred marriage of a mortal woman with a god as a way to enlightenment. The temple dancers of South American, Egypt, and India inspired the rising of the goddess within to join the god above. The goddess Innanna/Ishtar leaves the underworld and returns to the earth plane where she rights the wrongs done to her.

In other myths, Orpheus descends to the underworld to reclaim his wife Euridyce. Demeter demands the return of her daughter Persephone from the underworld marriage to Hades. Within the Great Pyramid, an initiate is laid within the sarcophagus to enter the realm of the dead before awakening to the piercing of light of Coming Forth by Day.

The DaVinci Code, Holy Blood, Holy Grail, and scholarly research challenge the principles of Christianity of crucifixion and resurrection. An initiation by hanging on a cross would require one to transcend the physical limitations of form. If the heresies are true that Jesus did not die on the cross, then the purpose of the cross may have been the great overcoming of death without the physicality of giving up the body.

The ancient Egyptians embalmed their dead so that the learning of the essence of life could continue. The Buddhist Pure Land tradition creates a realm for the essence to continue to purify and evolve. And in the mystery school, Theosophy, and other sects, the creation of a group soul advances the essence of the individual.

We are one.


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After many years of teaching meditation, world religions, advanced apprentices with masters, and an exploration of many hidden or esoteric mysteries, the Amarjah Wisdom School offers over 300 short articles to stimulate contemplation or to point the finger in a new direction. We host retreats and seminars throughout the year. Click here for the index.

Myth, Story & Metaphor

When we enter into the unknown, our skills, trust, and abilities are tested. At times we find the journeys of others to be of value, or an archetypal myth provides meaning, or a trusted guide.

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