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Night and Day Unification of Opposites
Unification of Opposites

The best description came from my now reserved, happily married friend Chris - "It was a cosmic orgasm." That line alone could have gotten her arrested in the 1930's. After all, that is what Wilhem Reich was teaching and using as medicine. It's hard to be neurotic and have an orgasm.

Sacred sex - a gift of the gods, the universe and all there is. This isn't necessarily about two bodys joining each other, but it can be. Sacred sex is the "mystica unio" however it might be achieved. One doesn't have to have a partner, can have a partner of the same sex, can be dysfunctional, yet still achieve this ultimate state of bliss.

While pleasure and procreation both have their place, sacred sex is something that often resides in the dark recesses of reality where temple priestesses were once employed. Sexuality was known as a path to enlightenment in Hinduism, ancient Egypt, mysticism and meditation. The taboos often manage to destroy the very act that brought us here in the first place.

Night and Day Unification of Opposites
Unification of Opposites

As it has been often said, if the sex is good in a relationship, then it is only 10% of what makes the relationship work. As many of my friends marriages reach the 20-year mark, they ask me about sacred sexuality. They are astounded that it has so litte to do with the physicality and everything to do with the mind and spirit. Mindblowing sex is possible - no equipment required.

The waves of energy of the world move freely until encountering an object. The energy and the object interact with each other and are changed by the exposure. As Einstein's equation states Energy=mass x speed of light squared.

All is energy and we as physical beings transform it constantly - from the food we eat to the air we exhale. We are all part of one enormous interdependent system. The difference between energy and physical manifestation is light. It is the pervasive fluid of consciousness.

Dancing the lines between opposites - whether through sexuality, movement, words, or meditation, is to exist in the moment. It is creation, sustanence, and death all at once. Le Petit Morte - the little death at orgasm that allows us to open to cosmic awareness. The flow of energy that keeps us alive and thriving.

Night and Day Unification of Opposites
Unification of Opposites

Sexuality is life - when we lose the passion - our soul withers. To be in bliss requires nothing but remembering who we are in the first place. Namaste.



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