Gayle Clayton

Spiritual Consultant

When you need someone to help you understand, to ask the right questions, or to connect you with an esoteric mystical group, book a private consultation.

MA- University of Georgia

BS - Clemson University

10 years as instructor at the Omega Institute of Holistic Studies


Seeking Higher Power

Global State of Mind

A Dynamic Partnership


Winds of Change

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Embrace life - commune with the divine, know your purpose and, realize the mysteries of your soul.

Seeking Higher Power

A Brave New World

Encountering New Frontiers

I do what I do - sometimes without rhyme or reason or a clue as to why I do what I do. There has always been some informing source that has guided me through new territory.

Ron seldom spoke of his new experiences. He took summers off to integrate whatever understanding his work of the previous nine months had led him into. Sometimes he would call someone to ask questions of particular traditions or practices. In his latest days, we shared many of those experiences so we would "talk" over email about our encounters.

The Three Dimensions of a New Level

Dramatic encounter - the first access to a new realm or awareness often produces a revelatory experience - a flash of light, a past life re-emerging, a sound, a feeling, a being, a teacher. These, if repeatable, became markers of entrance into that realm of consciousness.

Exploration - once initiated and passing the challenges of reaching that area, one may branch out to explore the territory. Each realm has its own level of manifestation, magic, or power. There are different natural laws at each level. One must know them all before breaking them.

Integration - after entering a level without the drama, and finding nothing to interact feels the level without having to explore it further. It is know...a part of the larger spiritual body. It is one.



Life shifts and insight comes when you least expect it. I need time...I need space...but most of all...acceptance.


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