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When you need someone to help you understand, to ask the right questions, or to connect you with an esoteric mystical group, book a private consultation.

MA- University of Georgia

BS - Clemson University

10 years as instructor at the Omega Institute of Holistic Studies


Seeking Higher Power

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A Dynamic Partnership


A Dynamic Partnership



A Dynamic Partnership


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Embrace life - commune with the divine, know your purpose and, realize the mysteries of your soul.

Seeking Higher Power

A Dynamic Partnership

A Dynamic Partnership

A Dynamic Partnership

Coexist 2

The layers of reality coexist as the lines of karmic magnetism that flow from the north and south poles.

"What time do you think we'll get there?" she asked turning from the blinding white of snow covered farm fields that had streamed by the interstate for hours.

"In time for dinner..." DJ replied as he turned his wrist to see the outdated watch he still wore. "Oh shit."

60's style peace sign

The rear end of the car slid on the compacted snow and he automatically steered in the direction of the skid. But seeing the banked snowdrifts the plows had left looming dead ahead, he hit the brakes.

Too late the car slid sideways and the spinning wheels slammed into the bank that launched them airborne. Spinning, like the minute hand on his watch, flipping in complete rotation over the median and landing like a cat in the middle of the opposing traffic. The oncoming car hit them and spun them around to the emergency lane. It was an emergency and all went dark.

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Hands in a Circle

The full moon shown brightly over Long Island as they began the final descent into JFK. She hadn't thought about DJ for years...but she was going to be in the area. She had messaged him. To her surprise, she had gotten an immediate answer.

"I'm out of town, but will get back to you as soon as I arrive home."

tolerance sign

But he had not.

Perhaps it was just as well. She had teachings and readings to do. Time was running out for her spiritual group.

She had argued with Ron for years about not whether humanity could hold the gridlines of the earth, but whether they had to be conscious of the acts they were doing on so many different realms. They all coexisted, but she had insisted up until their last meeting that all the spheres had to be neatly aligned and congruent.

"I'm having difficulty aligning all my worlds within me."

"Well, Gayle, I can relate. It's more difficult now than before."

54000 years later

She was surprised that, he had agreed with her then. Perhaps that was because she had appeased him earlier with "he wasn't entirely wrong."

Whatever - time was slipping away and to be this close to success made her see his point of view more clearly. Not that she was giving in, but she understood the temptation.


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